Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ربي جسدك مأكل حقاً rabbi jassadouka ma2kalon


  1. I I'm looking for the lyrics in Arabic of "Rabbi Jassadouka"

  2. Hi Henri - Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Here it is :)


    Lord your body is food indeed..
    Lord your blood is a drink indeed...
    Blessed he who is nourished by them..

    The lord said: I am the vine..
    You are the branches of the vine...
    Like branches hold on to me...
    You'll gain abundant fruits...


    Like someone lost in the desert..
    Looking for drops of water..
    That's how my heart longs to you..
    You are the the 'finding'.. you are the hope


    He who eats from the bread of God..
    He who drinks from the wine of God..
    Inherits internal life..
    Is given happiness in his world

    [Chorus x 2]